Sword and shield with LLC on it

The short answer is: YES! A single-member limited liability company or “LLC” is a one-owner business, much like a sole proprietorship. You alone are the only member and manager of the company. The main reason you probably formed your single-member LLC is to protect yourself from legal liability as you run your business. Your LLC is a valuable “shield” against ...

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Raymond Dowd and Elizabeth Campbell speaking on stage

On April 12, 2018, (Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day), the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA, for which our attorney, Shirin Chahal, serves as a co-chair, hosted NYC-based attorney Raymond J. Dowd and University of Denver Professor Elizabeth Campbell for a fascinating presentation on how artwork stolen during WWII bankrolled the Nazi war machine, and legal ...

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Troll Face with Monetizing Internet Memes and Copyright law

When our Intellectual Property/Arts & Entertainment team presents at one of its legal workshops (and we typically do these for various arts groups along the Front Range), sometimes we tell the story of Carlos Ramirez, the creator of the Trollface meme.

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