Colorado Liquor License Update

House Bill 17-1120 was signed by Governor Hickenlooper on April 24, 2017, and became effective on August 9, 2017.   The “Alcohol Beverage License Higher Education Campus” bill allows for an institution of higher education (or a person who contracts with such an institution to provide food services) that has a liquor license to serve alcohol beverages for on-premises consumption to apply for the designation as a Campus Liquor Complex, under Section 12-47-411 (2.5), C.R.S.

The Campus Liquor Complex will be similar to Hotel and Restaurant Liquor License, and a holder of this kind of license can also add “Related Facilities” to the license. The Campus Liquor Complex must have a Registered Manager, who will be required to complete a background check and submit fingerprints.

The fees for this new liquor license are as follows:

    • Campus Liquor Complex License (City/County/State) – $500.00
    • Related Facility –Campus Liquor Complex (City/County/State) – $160.00
    • City/County Fee – $100.00 ($85.00 to the State and $15.00 to the City or County)

License Fee – $75.00

If you need assistance obtaining or maintaining a liquor license in Colorado, please contact our Small Business team here at DTG Law.

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