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Champagne Powder written over a snowflake

If you love to ski or snowboard, you may have heard of “champagne powder”, the dry, light and fluffy snow we love best. But, from a meteorological standpoint, what is it? Well, champagne powder does not actually describe a particular kind of snow crystal or water-density level, nor is it a term much used by meteorologists or snow scientists. Instead, ...

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Standing in a light doorway, Internal Investigations

Sometimes, things just go sideways. Despite the best intentions of your organization’s Board, Officers, staff, and key volunteers, one misstep can threaten the entire mission. Whether there are allegations of financial malfeasance, inappropriate conduct, insufficient entity formalities, or some other variant, the Board of Directors must take quick action to decide if an internal investigation is warranted. Once ...

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Buttons on an entertainment site

A good website for your business can be an invaluable marketing tool. However, if you’re not careful, you could get into trouble for using images, photos, videos and other content in violation of copyright law. Rights Granted under Copyright. Under the U.S. Copyright Act, the owner of a creative work is granted certain rights, including the right to prevent others ...

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