“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything you and your staff  have done. This whole affair has been quite a learning experience for all of the family and your firm has shown us just how professional and compassionate your staff really are.”

– New Trustee of Family Trust

“I own a small business that had a written contract with a customer for a substantial piece of commercial work. When I found out that the customer disregarded the contract and hired another company to do the work, I knew that I needed to get legal help. I hired the Law Firm of Daniel T. Goodwin. Caroline Kert and Daniel Goodwin from the firm assertively managed my court case and made sure I always understood the complicated legal process. They explained what they were filing, why they were filing it, how it would further the case, and what I could expect in response from the opposing lawyer. They helped to define the issues and secure the testimony that ultimately resulted in the defendant settling before trial and before I incurred extra expenses. I was very impressed with the work they did and their professionalism. I highly recommend the firm to any business with a similar issue.”

– Thankful Business Owner

“I just wanted to take a second and thank you for the work you did on my behalf.  We recently talked to a lender about getting a loan for buying our first house.  The lender commented on how clean my credit was. He was genuinely impressed by your thoroughness and asked to get your contact information which we gave him. I can only thank you for being so great in helping me handle this issue which has been a real burden on me for a very long time.” 

– Client with Student Loan Issues


“I contacted the Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin to help me cancel a contract for non-performance. I worked with Caroline Kert and everything went smoothly, Caroline always stayed in touch and immediately returned emails and phone calls. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone.” 

– Happy Business Owner



“I was being audited by the Department of Labor for six months and could not get to a resolution point. After hiring The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin the investigator had to direct all questions and calls through Caroline Kert, which allowed me to still run my small business. The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin worked directly with the investigator to get it resolved efficiently, timely and ultimately with the decision that I was looking for. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts to get my matter resolved.” 

– Relieved Business Owner

“I want to take the time to let you know what an excellent job Shirin did resolving the identity theft issue for me. We did not experience a second of down time, due to her professionalism, knowledge and experience. Her swift actions prevented further problems from occurring, and as a result my credit standing improved considerably.
I have always received quality service, she always knew just what to do to solve my problem quickly and restore the good standing to my account.”

– Satisfied Client

“I retained Ms. Kert to resolve a business dispute (with significant legal implications) between my company and the property manager of our manufacturing facility. Caroline provided clear legal analysis during the initial consultation, followed up with multiple options toward resolution with the other party, and kept me apprised of the possible outcomes as we moved forward. After a series of back and forth communications with the other party, the matter was effectively settled without extensive litigation, and without interruption of our business operation. For innumerable reasons, hiring Ms. Kert has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you.

– Small Business Owner

“My husband and I worked with Shirin for a couple years, attempting to resolve our debt and subsequent penalty issues with the IRS. We had previously enlisted the services of a tax relief company (at a huge price) which mislead us, neglected us, and ultimately went bankrupt. We were lucky enough to have our case assigned to Shirin. I’m sure there are more complicated cases, but it certainly seemed our case suffered from a lot of ambiguity. Shirin was tireless in her attempts to work with the IRS on our behalf. We sent her reams of documentation, which she and her team reviewed and encapsulated into a persuasive case for relieving us of the penalties that had been assessed. She provided us with consistent and wise advice throughout the process and remained in constant contact with us. Although we never met face-to-face, I considered her more than an advocate. It is difficult, at best, to be personable with a client long distance, but I never doubted Shirin’s commitment to us and the resolution for our issues with the IRS.”

– Diane M.

I hired this law firm to represent me in a personal injury matter. Upon meeting Dan and Paige, I felt very comfortable with their knowledge and professionalism. Going through an injury claim is stressful and hiring them put me at ease.

Paige handled the majority of my case and She exceeded my expectations. She was very detailed in explaining legal information and proactive with the handling of my case. Also, she quickly replied to my emails and calls, which is not always common for lawyers.

Lastly, She used an effective strategy to get my claim settled for a fair settlement. I’m very happy with how everything went and think she did a great job.

I would highly recommend this firm to my family and friends.

– Personal Injury Client

“I’m an independent design consultant, and I retain Caroline to interpret and negotiate client contracts regarding intellectual property. I’m inexperienced with legal matters, and Caroline is very good at translating the “legalese” that is often sent to me, as well as helping me understand current IP law as it applies to my work. She has also created some great legal documents of my own that give me peace of mind when I enter into business relationships. She is very efficient and quick to respond, I strongly recommend her.

– Independent Design Consultant

Our Results

Personal Injury
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar settlement for an individual who was severely injured in an auto collision
  • Successfully obtained a settlement for a client who was permanently disabled following an auto-collision.
  • Obtained a settlement for a minor who suffered devastating injuries after being struck with a car while riding her bike.
  • Successfully obtained a settlement and settled a lawsuit for a client who suffered severe injuries and permanent impairment following a trip and fall at a casino.
  • Obtained a favorable settlement for an individual who was permanently disfigured following a surgery.
  • Successfully obtained the full insurance policy limits, plus additional money from the homeowner, for a teenage client who paralyzed from the chest down after he was accidentally shot with a handgun by a friend.
  • Represented a client who was hit by a car while he was riding his motorcycle through an intersection. The client sustained severe injuries to his body, including a traumatic brain injury.
  • Obtained the full policy limits for a client who was sexually abused by her medical provider during her medical treatment.
  • Obtained a substantial settlement for our client who fell on ice at an apartment complex, breaking his left shoulder, arm, and two ribs.
  • Successfully represented a client and obtained a substantial settlement for that client in a case where the client’s clothes caught on fire when he sat by the fireplace of a restaurant. The client sustained seriously burns to his body.
Civil Litigation
  • Won summary judgment, dismissing case in district court, by defending an individual against a claim of conversion.
  • Successful settlement of litigation matters has saved our clients thousands of dollars in litigation fees: partnership dissolution, employment terminations, breach of fiduciary duties and nondisclosure agreements, landlord/tenant disputes, breach of contract, and estate matters.
Tax Resolution
  • More than $5,000,000 of savings for clients under abatement and settlement negotiations with the IRS.
  • More than $300,000 of tax penalties abated under the IRS’s “reasonable cause” standard.
  • Obtained a $50.00 per month payment plan on a $1.2 million dollar tax debt through negotiations with the IRS’s Collections Department.
  • The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld ruling for recovery of attorneys’ fees in a breach of trust case in published opinion.
  • Successfully mediated hundreds of cases both in and out of court.

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