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Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accidents. They are often caused by cars following too closely and distracted drivers who are not watching for changes in traffic signals or stopped traffic.

Rear-end collisions can cause a wide range of injuries. Anything from minor muscle pain and whiplash that quickly resolves without treatment to significant injuries to bones and muscles or even death. Multiple factors influence how severe the rear-end collision, including speed, weather conditions, the make and model of the vehicles involved, and prior injuries that the individuals may already have been suffering from. Every collision is different, and even a low impact rear-end collision can cause devastating injuries.

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If you are not at fault for the rear-end collision, the person responsible for your injuries should be made to pay for your damages, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

This is where our team of experienced personal injury attorneys comes in. Our team at the Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin understands the pain, frustration, stress, and confusion that a car accident can cause. Don’t try to fight the insurance company on your own. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve so that you can focus on your own health. Contact one of our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation today.

Broomfield & Nederland Rear-End Accident Attorneys

The timeless saying "accidents happen" seems to imply that accidents are unavoidable. However, that's not always the case. When a rear-ending car wreck is caused by another driver's reckless or careless behavior, that person should offer you fair compensation to make up for any damage they've done — both to you and your property. For more information, call our office today to set up a free, informative consultation.