Civil Litigation Attorneys in Nederland & Broomfield, Colorado

Civil litigation occurs when one party brings a non-criminal action against another. This legal action is usually used to recover money for damages or to get somebody to perform a specific action (i.e. to get a landlord to fix a recurring problem or to get a small business to uphold their end of a contract).

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin are experienced civil litigators. We can help you whether you are suing or being sued — or, to use legal terms, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in your case. Operating in Broomfield and Nederland, Colorado, our services are readily available to individuals and businesses throughout the Front Range and Peak-to-Peak regions of Colorado.

Do I Need a Civil Litigation Attorney?

If you’re thinking of suing someone, or if someone has filed a lawsuit against you, then the answer to this question is probably “yes.” The good news: despite the fact that civil litigation is an extremely broad field of law, our firm has extensive experience resolving a wide variety of civil disputes, including the following:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Collections Matters
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Products Liability Claims
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Probate Litigation
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Business Disputes
  • Civil Appeals

Our attorneys have personally handled cases in each of the areas above. Whether you’re a small business owner, lessor, lender, landlord, employer, employee, injury victim, or anyone else involved in a civil dispute, we’re ready to fight for your best interests.

Facing a Civil Dispute?

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What to Expect from a Civil Lawsuit

When it comes to civil law, no two cases are exactly alike. The circumstances that brought you to the point of filing a lawsuit (or having a lawsuit filed against you) are as unique to you as your attorney’s strategy should be in resolving the matter. Fortunately for you, our attorneys are experienced with each possible avenue your civil dispute may take:

  • Investigation. We take a thorough approach to analyzing and investigating the details of your case so we can build the strongest possible argument on your behalf.
  • Pleadings. After we’ve investigated where your case stands, we make sure your pleading (that is, the formal written statement that kickstarts your case) starts things off on the right foot.
  • Discovery. As your legal team, we will be thorough in both collecting evidence from the other party and preparing you for interviews performed by the opposing counsel.
  • Pretrial Proceedings. As needed, we will perform other steps to fully prepare your case for the possibility of trial while keeping you informed the entire time.
  • Settlement Negotiations. Recent studies reveal that anywhere between 90-97% of civil lawsuits settle rather than making it all the way to trial. If we can help you avoid the expense and time of a formal trial through other forms of negotiation (for instance, through mediation or arbitration), we won’t hesitate to do so.
  • Trial. If mediation, arbitration, and other non-trial negotiation tactics aren’t panning out for your case, we will fight for you fiercely in trial.
  • Appeals. Already been through a civil lawsuit and didn’t get the outcome you were hoping for? We may be able to help. Between the attorneys at our firm, we have decades of experience appealing closed civil claims on behalf of our clients.

At the Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin, our job is to make things easier for you, and that’s exactly what we’ll strive to do if you reach out for representation through a civil dispute. With decades of experience resolving civil law cases throughout Colorado, we know how the system works and how to fight to get you a positive result. Contact us today for answers so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your case.

Broomfield Civil Litigation Attorneys

The Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin is a small law firm with a huge knowledge base when it comes to civil lawsuits. More than that, our attorneys understand how difficult a civil lawsuit can be in terms of time, money, and stress. Let us alleviate that burden by providing you with experienced, cost-effective counsel and clear-cut legal guidance. Reach out today to schedule a free initial consultation.