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Wage claims in Colorado are subject to the Colorado Wage Claim Act found in C.R.S. Section 8-4-101. Colorado employers must follow both federal and Colorado state law regarding:

  • Paying the minimum hourly wage
  • Paying overtime pay
  • Payroll deductions
  • Paying employees within certain pay periods
  • Paying final wages after the employee-employer relationship has ended

These comprehensive rules are complex, and an employer’s failure to adhere to any one of them may result in significant penalties available to the employee.

You Could Be Compensated for Unpaid Wages

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If you believe that you have not been paid in accordance with the law, contact one of our experienced wage claim employment attorneys today to discuss your claim. You may have a wage claim if:

  • You were not paid correctly for earned commissions;
  • Your employer was “skimming” money off of your paycheck;
  • You weren't or aren't being paid for overtime work at the required amount;
  • You weren't or aren't being paid in a timely fashion;
  • You aren't receiving your final paycheck or earned commissions after employment ended.

If you believe that you are a victim of wage violations, do not wait to contact one of our experienced wage claim employment attorneys. Our employment litigation team has the knowledge to help you recover your lost wages, as well as any additional fines or penalties that you may be entitled to. Contact one of our Broomfield wage claim attorneys today for a free consultation.

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Employers that choose to ignore wage and hour laws may save themselves money upfront, but they learn their lesson the hard way when employees in your situation speak out against them. Don't allow your employer to get away with wage violations. Let us help you reclaim your money and hold your employer accountable for their actions. To get started, contact the Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin today.